Dog insurance Costs – What It Costs to Protect Your Puppy?

The typical monthly cost for dog insurance is $88.19. However, the actual cost varies depending on the type of plan, deductible, reimbursement rate, and other factors related to your pet. If you want to know the average cost of dog insurance, keep reading to find out about rates from major pet insurance companies. We will also discuss the factors that can impact the cost of dog insurance. So, Dog insurance Costs!

Average Cost

The average monthly cost for a dog accident-and-illness plan is approximately $53, based on information from NAPHIA. For a dog accident-only plan, the average cost is $16.70 per month.

We gathered 232 price estimates from 17 insurance firms in California, Texas, Florida, and New Jersey to study dog insurance expenses. We discovered that the average of the lowest and highest premium for each company is $94.13 per month. This consists of an average deductible of approximately $500 and a reimbursement rate of roughly 80%.

CompanyAverage Monthly Premium
Pets Best$59.19
Healthy Paws$61.91
Companion Protect$87.18

We gathered quotes for different pet scenarios, such as dog age, breed, and weight, to determine average rates. The plan details, like deductibles, reimbursement limits, and locations, also differed significantly.

The pricier plans usually include $0 or low deductibles, no age restrictions, 100% reimbursement, and no payout limits for older dogs. Cheaper plans may not cover older dogs, which makes the premiums lower.

Dog insurance prices can vary between companies even if they offer the same coverage and limits due to various factors. It’s crucial to compare different plans to find the one that suits your requirements and budget.


Dog insurance typically costs around $88 per month, but prices vary depending on the owner. To get the best deal, compare costs from different pet insurance companies while making sure to compare similar coverage, deductibles, and reimbursement rates.