Flight insurance – Is It worth it?

Flight insurance only covers the cost of your flight. This doesn’t cover all of your non-refundable trip costs that you already paid for. If a problem covered by your flight insurance stops you from traveling, you can usually only get back the nonrefundable flight costs. Policies can range from simple refunds to paying for damaged or lost luggage.

Flight insurance will cover:

Some common problems that are typically covered by flight insurance include:

  • When bad weather, like storms and blizzards, forces airlines to cancel flights.
  • Flight delays that you didn’t expect and that cause you to miss a connection, like when equipment breaks down.
  • A problem that happens in the middle of the flight and forces you to land at a different airport.
  • Unexpected illness or injury before you leave.
  • There was a terrorist attack near the city you are going to.

Not covered by Flight insurance:

Some common problems that are not covered by flight insurance include:

  • Emergency medical and dental coverage
  • Emergency medical transportation coverage
  • Missed connection coverage

Is it worth it?

It’s worth it if you’re traveling domestically to visit a friend in a familiar destination.