What are Socially Responsible Mutual Funds?

Socially responsible mutual funds invest in companies that follow specific social, moral, religious, or environmental beliefs. These funds carefully screen company issuers to make sure they align with the fund’s values. SRI mutual funds only invest in companies with strong corporate citizenship standards.

Due to the diverse values and beliefs of individuals, fund managers face difficulties in selecting stocks that align with investors’ preferences. The screening criteria for stocks are based on the fund’s theme, values, and objectives.

For instance, funds that prioritize environmental issues, like lithium mining, will invest in companies that exceed basic environmental standards.

Socially responsible mutual funds often allocate a part of their portfolios for community investments. It is important to note that these investments are not donations, as commonly misunderstood. Instead, they provide an opportunity for investors to contribute to a needy community while also earning a return on their investment. Community investments are frequently directed towards community development banks in developing nations or lower-income regions of the United States, with the aim of supporting affordable housing and venture capital.


Investing in socially responsible funds allows you to match your portfolio with your personal values. These funds support important social and environmental causes and can perform just as well as traditional investment options. Studies show that you can achieve competitive returns without sacrificing your principles. By opting for socially responsible investing, you are not only investing in your financial goals but also contributing to a better future that aligns with your beliefs.