What is Cyber Monday? The history

Cyber Monday is an e-commerce term for the Monday after Thanksgiving in the United States. Online stores often have sales, discounts, and special deals on this day, just like stores in real life do on Black Friday. On Cyber Monday, most traditional stores only offer deals on their websites. Some people think that the results show that Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become very similar shopping days, with people doing shopping both in stores and online. It’s the answer to “what is cyber monday?”

The History

Shop.org, which is part of the NRF, came up with Cyber Monday in 2005.

It said that people usually do a lot of their shopping online after Thanksgiving. There were a number of ideas about why this was the case.

One idea was that people saw things they wanted over the weekend but did not buy them until Monday at work, when they had faster internet connections on their computers.

On the other hand, the bad things that happened over the Thanksgiving weekend could be to blame. If you really wanted to get great deals on Black Friday, you could skip the family dinner, camp out in the parking lot of your favorite store, and fight your way through a crowd of people also looking for deals. You could also get out of bed on Monday, make some coffee, and search the web for the best deals.

Cyber Monday was a big day for shoppers. In 2005, sales were $484 million. In 2022, they were more than $11 million.

Is it affecting personal finance?

I can say yes. It’s similar to Black Friday, it can have a significant impact on personal finances. It will make you make impulse purchases, buy unnecessary items, increase spending, fall into debt traps from credit, and cause financial stress.