What Is Inland Marine Insurance?

Inland marine insurance protects your business from loss or damage to equipment, machinery, products, or other property transported over land. You can use it on the job site, store it in a warehouse, or move it from one place to another by train or truck. The main type of insurance for goods shipped by sea is ocean marine insurance. Inland marine insurance covers goods transported by land.

Inland Marine Insurance Cover?

It covers damage to tools, equipment, and building materials caused by a covered peril. Also, it covers expensive things that your commercial property or business owners policy doesn’t cover well enough or at all. Take the $150,000 bulldozer that your company uses on construction sites as an example.

It is possible for inland marine insurance to cover “all risks” or specific risks. An all-risk policy covers damage from any risk that isn’t specifically left out. It covers more risks than a named perils policy, which only covers the risks listed in the policy.

The way that inland marine policies value lost or damaged property is also different. Some policies pay out losses based on the property’s current replacement value, which doesn’t take into account how much it has lost in value over time. Others base the payment on the property’s real cash value, which takes into account how much it has lost in value over time.

Inland Marine Insurance Doesn’t Cover

Different inland marine policies don’t cover damage from things like bugs, normal wear and tear, mold, floods, and earthquakes. A lot of them also don’t cover vehicles, desks, cabinets, items shipped by sea or air, and damage to items that happens before they are shipped.


It covers materials, equipment, products, and other property transported over land.

From ocean marine insurance, which protects things shipped by sea, it grew.

Inland marine insurance comes in a lot of different types. The type you need depends on the property you want to protect. For example, you’ll need claims-payable insurance for your records on accounts receivable and contractor’s equipment floater insurance to cover a bulldozer.

Most commercial property insurance policies don’t cover movable property very well, if at all. It is something you might want to get if you move things away from your business.