What is International Mutual Fund?

An international mutual fund allows investors to invest in companies from different countries. For U.S. citizens, this can help spread risk, diversify their portfolio, and take advantage of global opportunities. These funds can include investments in developed and emerging markets across different asset classes, each with its own level of risk and potential return.

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They invest in different types of assets. Debt and equity funds are the most popular, offering a wide range of investment options. Conservative American investors can choose to invest in government or corporate debt from foreign countries. International and global bond funds are mutual funds that invest in companies worldwide, including those in emerging markets. The Hartford World Bond Fund (HWDIX) holds Treasury Bills and Government Bonds from Norway, Korea, and Australia.


Investing in international funds may lead to greater profits, but it often comes with increased risk. Certain factors that can elevate this risk are:

  • Currency volatility can affect the real returns of an investor’s portfolio
  • Changing economies require consistent due diligence
  • Changing International regulations and legislation


International Mutual Funds are investment funds that can consist of debt or equity assets. These funds allow investors to select options that invest in foreign countries. However, investing in international funds carries the risk of currency fluctuations and unpredictable economic or political conditions, particularly in developing markets.